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Why your business needs an Android Application?

John Paul | September 29, 2020
Why your business needs an Android Application?

Like everyone else, as an entrepreneur, you only want the best for your business in the long run. Well, going for the most popular mobile app development platform for you around the world is the advice we can give you. Keep in mind that the Android app’s many advantages for business development are why it is the right choice. If you are still confused and do not know why to develop Android apps for business, here are some reasons highlighted by, mobile application development agency  that may convince you to change your mind:

Most Android users

Today, many users around the world are using Android mobiles. And from what we have read so far, this is true. Many users worldwide are using Android-powered devices compared to their competitors, which gives you a larger group of potential users.

Target multiple platforms

Android app builders are using programming languages ​​like Java for Android business app development. It indicates that you can port your application to other OS such as Ubuntu, Symbian, and Blackberry. So this way, you can target multiple platforms with Android business apps.

Open-source platform

Android is an open-source platform. It means that Google does not charge any fees for using this platform. Google offers Android app development tools and technology for free. Hardware device manufacturers, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., use Android as their default OS. It is because the Android code is open source and, therefore, free. It allows us to occupy a larger share of the Android market. They also serve as a great factor in reducing the overall project cost. The cost of Android business app development varies from company to company, depending on several factors.

Compatible with multiple devices

According to a mobile application development agency, the biggest advantage of choosing Android apps on iOS is that there are no restrictions on the devices used to create Android apps. You can create an application on Windows desktop, Mac as well as Linux systems. Google offers application development tools and technologies for everyone. Additionally, submitting applications to the Play Store is easy, and the Google membership fee is $ 25 (once) much lower than iOS – $ 99 (per year).

Rapid expansion

The deployment period of iOS apps increased by weeks, but it only takes a few hours to develop Android apps for business. If you are also planning a rapid expansion of your business, approach a mobile application development agency.

Create customizable apps

Another interesting factor advantage of the Android app is that it allows Android app developers to customize the app to suit business needs. It means that your mobile application development company will meet your right requirements to create customizable apps for your business.

Incredible graphics support

Another reason to choose Android for Business is that it offers excellent graphics support by offering unique features. It makes the right choice for apps that focus more on game app development and around graphics. The platform supports 2D and 3D graphics. Mobile application development company provides graphic s support to many of their clients due to which client satisfaction in 100%.

Easy Integration

In terms of integration, Android is a great choice. Integrating third party APIs with your business Android apps is easy. It effectively affects the overall cost and time of application development.

Fragmentation Market

While it is true that fragmentation increases development costs and test time, it has its advantages. Android will surely enjoy all the big market points and is ready to target you with your app. Unlike iOS, your app is not limited to just one brand.

Multiple networks distribution

If you look at the Android operating system’s benefits, you will find that the Android app is not limited to the Play Store. Meaning, you can publish your app to other app stores like Samsung Galaxy Store, Mi Store, etc. If you need any assistance in network distribution mobile application development agency is available to assist you.

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