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What are E-commerce and its model for an e-commerce development company?

John Paul | October 3, 2020
What are E-commerce and its model for an e-commerce development company?

Ecommerce is ruling the shopping industry, especially during this time of Pandemic when people are not willing to step outside their homes. People are considering buying and selling different categories on the Internet, and it has smooth down the process for both customers and sellers. But when asked from the people, they actually don’t know what Ecommerce is. So let’s explain it.

Ecommerce, generally known as Electric commerce, is a transaction and selling conducted via the Internet. Whenever someone buys or sells the products or services online, it means they are engaging with E-commerce. From Money transfer to data transfer, everything can be handled through E-commerce.

The Ecommerce Business Transaction depends on the Ecommerce Model. The model you will choose will define how your business is going to grow. And that’s why while getting your website developed from the Ecommerce Development Agency in Noida, making the right choice will create a big difference.

Types of Ecommerce Model:

Whenever you decide you start an e-commerce business, the first thing you have to decide is the category or model. So there are four major types of e-commerce models. Each of them is associated with pros and cons, but every business revolves around them.

1.  B2B: Business to Business

As the name suggests, the Business to Business Ecommerce model means selling your products or services to another business. Here two different businesses are involved, and one is the seller, and the other one is the buyer.

The B2B business model is a longer sales cycle, as the first one business buys the product from another business and then resell it. It involves higher order value and more recurring purchases, which is bared by manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, etc.

2. B2C: Business to Customer

Two parties are involved in this Ecommerce Model, Business Owner, and customers. Here the businesses directly sell to the customers and are generally considered as a shorter process, which is the reason why there is less purchasing and spending is involved.

The to-be customers or target audience can place an order from the company’s website or directly from the e-commerce platform such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. And once done, the product is directly delivered to their address.

3. C2B: Customer to Business

Customer to Business Ecommerce Model allows the individual to directly sell their products to the companies. Here, the customer is the seller, and the company is the buyer. The Freelancing platforms, where the freelancers can put their services on sale, follow the C2B model.

The overall purchase depends on the pricing and quality of the goods and services. And when the C2B model allows customers to set their prices, it becomes quite important to set something that will attract the business or company to buy.

4. C2C: Customer to Customer

Customer to Customer Ecommerce Model connects the customers with each other in order to exchange the goods and services and make money over the transaction. Companies like eBay and Olx follow this model, where the individuals can list their products online, and the other interested individual can buy it.

C2C model keeps both buyer and seller motivated, and they have the entire power to control. The only challenge they have to face is to totally rely on the platform, where they are selling.

Other than this, there are some other eCommerce Models such as Government to Business (G2B), Business to Government (B2G), and Customer to Government (C2G), but the above-given ones are the most famous ones.


The Ecommerce Model defines how your website going to look and how you are going to sell. But while getting your website designed, other than deciding the E-commerce Model and Goal, you have to focus on making your website Fast, Reliable, and User-friendly. We, being an Ecommerce web development company in Noida, offers satisfactory Website development services as per your requirements. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make the customization accordingly. So to avail of the services, contact PegaLogics!

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