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Costing to build up a food delivery application like Zomato.

John Paul | February 25, 2021
Costing to build up a food delivery application like Zomato.

Who would have thought that searching a restaurant and online food ordering will be possible through the mobile application? Now, you will find many online food delivery service companies that are growing almost every day. Zomato, with its innovative features, is already ruling the Indian market. In fact, you can call it one of the best food distribution apps in India. Read further to know more about the food delivery app Zomato and its overall costs.

Some Basic Features Of Apps Like Zomato

About the restaurant

The users want to know which restaurant they are ordering from and its details. Zomato allows the customers to see the restaurant name, prices of popular dishes, address, eatery class, and operation time. You can also view the photo gallery that consists of food and restaurant photographs. This feature simplifies the search of the users and helps them find the perfect eatery.

Geo-location Feature

Many apps are already using these features to allow the customers to choose restaurants and track the orders in real-time. Zomato’s competitor Swiggy also uses geo-location along with map offices like Google API and Apple Mapkit. If you are developing an app for iOS, try to consult an iOS app development company to know more about Apple Mapkit.

Booking Facilities

Zomato pre-table booking options reduce the burden on customers. You don’t have to wait in the queue or deal with issues like “all booked”. With these applications, reserve the tables of your favorite restaurants beforehand and enjoy dinner with your family.

Ratings and Reviews to Improve brand name

If you plan to take help from a mobile app development company to build apps like Zomato, you must add the ratings and reviews features. With the customers’ good and bad experiences, you can improve and build a strong brand name for your restaurant.

You have to make the application user-friendly, so it is easy to sort and filter. Specifically, the restaurants that don’t fit their requirements.

Validation through User Profile

This Zomato feature is the most significant advantage for any user. You can see the customer views on different restaurants plus their food and save your time. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of marketing, and an application like Zomato allows restaurants to achieve it.
User profiles can help understand the preferences of customers and send push notifications for all available offers, discounts, and deals.

What will the cost of creating an app like Zomato depend on?

Have a look at some of the most important factors that decide the cost of creating apps like Zomato.
1. First is the platform you select for the application you will build. The cost of iOS will differ from that of Android phones. There are different prices for an Android app development company and the iOS one.

2. The next factor that decides the total cost of building an app is the design. You need a very engaging and user-friendly app design to make your app stand out. For an app like Zomato, you have to ask the developers to use advanced technologies that require more time and money.

3. You have to add some features and functionalities to your app to differentiate it from the rest. Like in Zomato, pre-bookings, order, and delivery are some of the elements, and you can add your unique ideas to this.

4. Then comes the cost of hiring an app developer or a team of developers. Price varies according to the time a developer needs to develop your application. The more features you want to add to your foodservice app more you have to pay. If you wish your cost not to exceed a limited amount, you can start with some basic features for your app.

So, the total cost of an app development company to build an application like Zomato will depend on the app interaction, design, access control, and external/internal features. Adding advanced features like Geo-location and in-app chat will add more digits to your bill.
Before you decide to develop a restaurant or food services app, try to evaluate all factors and merge them with your requirements.