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Top Android App Development Languages

Lokesh K | December 24, 2021
Top Android App Development Languages

Android mobiles are the most used in practically every part of the planet. The demand for android applications and app development companies is increasing as the number of Android users grows. There are a variety of platforms that facilitate the development of android mobile applications, but deciding which language to use for android app development is a challenging issue for a mobile app development company. Beginners are unsure which programming language to use for Android development. While experienced developers must keep up with the latest programming languages.

This article will assist you in deciding which programming language is appropriate for mobile apps.


The most popular and official language used by android app development companies for developing Android apps is Java. This language is used to create the majority of the mobile apps accessible on the Play Store. The Java programming language is promoted by Google, which is why it is so popular. Beginners should avoid Java since it is difficult to design complicated mobile apps and manage the app development process without prior knowledge of the language. However, there is always online support for Java, so new or experienced developers can seek assistance when they are stumped by a piece of code or have an issue. There is a lot to learn in Java, including constructors, concurrency, and the null pointer error, among other things. Using the Java programming language, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a creative mobile app development company.


Kotlin is another language that a large number of best mobile app development companies use. It is a cross-platform programming language created by JetBrains in 2016 and designated as the official language of Android development in 2017. In comparison to Java, the Kotlin android language is simple enough for beginners to pick up and start developing apps. Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language with type interference that was created to work with the Java programming language and runs on the JVM. Because of its type interference, it is more condensed than Java and has less boilerplate code. Kotlin is capable of avoiding null pointer exceptions and incorporating different Android libraries.


C# is an open-source multi-paradigm programming language that can be used to create Android, desktop, and online apps. Declarative, generic, functional, object-oriented, lexically scoped, component-oriented, and imperative programming ideas are all used in this language. It is a language that is quite similar to Java and is suitable for developing Android mobile apps. Because it implements garbage collection in the same way as Java does, there are fewer chances of memory leaks. C# makes coding simple because of its clear and simple syntax, which any android app development company can comprehend. C# is one of the most versatile programming languages and provides a wide range of tools for custom android development.


Python is a high-level android app development software that is utilized by app development companies. It provides a number of tools for converting Python applications into Android packages that may be run on Android phones and other devices. It’s an object-oriented language with features like dynamic binding and dynamic typing that make it a good choice for developing Android apps. Python is significantly easier to read and translate than other languages. Which reduces the time it takes to construct an app. It also lowers the expense of software upkeep and development. Python is a programming language that can be used to create anything from simple applications to massive commercial system applications, offering the app development platform the most capabilities.


C++ is a cross-platform programming language that may be used to develop high-performance mobile and desktop applications. As an expanded version of the C programming language, this general-purpose high-level language was launched. It allows developers unlimited control over the system’s memory and resources. To make C++ code function on Android Studio, you’ll need the native software kit, also known as NDK. The libraries available for this language can be used to create Android applications. If the C++ language is applied correctly, employing all of the language’s features, it can result in a profitable and appealing iPhone app development company.


Android apps are wonderful since the number of Android users is growing every day. Best mobile app development companies rely on the Android platform to grow their businesses, necessitating the development of android mobile applications. The most challenging process, however, is developing an Android application, which may be achieved relatively easily provided the appropriate programming language is chosen for android application development. If you’re wondering what programming languages I should learn for app development, there are various options, including Java, Kotlin, C#, Python, and C++.