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How to ensure security standards in iOS app development?

John Paul | March 1, 2021
How to ensure security standards in iOS app development?

We all know how important mobile apps are nowadays. Altogether we depend on these apps to do so much of our tasks. We provide our data to these apps for smooth functioning. An increase in the advancements in technology has also increased the number of cybercrime. Hence it is highly advised to seek professional help from an app development company.

Many people opt for iOS due to the extensive security guidelines an app developer has to follow. In this blog, we will learn about how we can improve the security of the iOS apps we create.

Why do we need app security?

The following are the most common security threats in mobile app development:
1. Attacks on intermediary servers

2. Malware due to lack of binary protection

3. Data theft due to lack of additional encryption

4. Identity thefts due to lack of SSL Pinning

Ways to ensure security standards in iOS app development

The following are the common practices that ensure that your app is secure and passes all criteria of the App Store.

1. App storage location

One of the best ways to improve the performance and security of your app is to store app data on memory. But to secure your data locally you must make use of Keychain. 

It is the best option to store data that is not accessed often. iOS stores this data but it is not accessible by other apps. This makes it more secure to handle data.

2. Networking security

The security and privacy policies of iOS have always been a huge plus to its success. Apple has a unique App Transport Security policy. This ensures that mobile apps can only send network requests from an HTTPS encrypted website.

3. Sensitive information security

In IT, sensitive information generally refers to information such as address book, location, and many others. During mobile app development, it is crucial that you ask yourself whether the data you request is really necessary. If so, it is also crucial that you have proper encryption to store the data retrieved.

The security standards in iOS app development are high in numbers. But adhering to these essential security measures ensures that your app meets the iOS security standards.

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With cybercrime on the rise, it is only sensible for you to opt for a professional app development company to build your app. So be sure to develop an iOS app that easily meets all security standards using the right way.