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How to develop a grocery delivery app? Cost & Key Features

Lokesh K | November 12, 2021
How to develop a grocery delivery app? Cost & Key Features


 In this rush era, everyone is concentrating on their job. In metro cities, we can see that people hardly Have time to spend on themselves. Whatever time they get that is also wasted on doing chores, marketing, and other stuff. We know that marketing can be a real time-consuming process. You take your groceries from the aisle of the shopping mall and stand in a queue for who knows how many times before checking out. Honestly, it is tiresome work. That’s why many mobile applications are surfacing around the world to deliver groceries at the user’s doorstep. It is needless to mention that it is gaining popularity rapidly. Not to mention the outbreak of Covid-19, due to which we had to lock ourselves indoors to protect ourselves from the vicious virus.

In that time, as a mobile app development agency, we saw a huge surge in the development of an on-demand grocery delivery app. And till now it has proven to be a convenient way to do grocery shopping for a lot of people. In this article, we will break down the steps to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app along with the features and the cost it will take.

How to research and validate your on-demand delivery app idea?

The reason behind validating your idea is to know the requirements of your target audience as well as the potential of the market more accurately to be able to adhere to them effectively.  Which will save your time and resources efficiently.

1. Verify the needs of the target audience

 If you are planning to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app, verify that your app has the potential to satisfy the needs of your target audience needs. Study their needs and make those factors your core ingredients for the app.

2. Analyse your competitors

 You can look through the play store to see the relationship status of your competitors with the user. Just following through the review section you will get a vivid visual of user satisfaction. It will not only give you insight into the competitor’s relationship with the user but will also provide you with new ideas, flaws in your competitor’s app as well as consistency of their technological innovations.

Features of the application

User (Customers) Application

 Registration: Customers should be registered within the app with ease. They can log in by simply putting email, phone number, home address, and other user credentials.

 Browse product: The user can search for a product on the search box or look for a product in the organized categories without any inconveniences.

Advanced search: The user can enable various filters to smoothly and quickly search for a particular product.

Payment mode: The user can pay through their card, cash, or any other secure method.

Schedule delivery: The app should allow the user to schedule a delivery for the future.

Order tracking: The user should be able to track their ordered items in the app and they should be notified of each and every progress relating to the order.

Reviews and ratings: The user should be able to put their review once they receive the delivery, it will elevate the overall experience.

Drivers (Delivery agents) Application

Accept and reject requests: Drivers are what deliver the product to the doorstep of the user. They are a very crucial part of the entire business. So, it is necessary for them to have the authority whether they Want to make a certain delivery or not within a given period of time.

 Service details: Once the driver accepts the request the delivery details should be availed at their application panel. Such as product list, user home address, and user’s contact details.

 Track performance: The drivers should be able to track their performance to maintain their finances. And through tracking their earnings they are able to plan their working days accordingly.

Optional availability: The delivery drivers can choose their availability. They can get available to offer on-demand delivery service, so they will earn according to their availability.

Admin’s Application

User Management: The admin Should have the ability to handle all the user’s activities, such as payments, discounts, or any online query.

 Coordination with store manager: The admin should be able to coordinate with the store managers at an instant to make the workflow smoother.

Product list management: The admin should be able to manage and control the product list and set prices according to market standards or on the demand of the store owner.

Order tracking: The admin should be able to monitor overall the processing order.

Feedback: The admin will get all the reviews and ratings, and he will work according to them in order to improvise the overall experience.

Notification: Admin will send notifications to the users as well as the store managers to keep them updated with the order status.

How much it will cost to develop the on-demand grocery delivery mobile app?

 As an experienced mobile app development company, we can give you a basic idea about the cost of developing this app. The development cost will depend upon which platform you are opting for as well as the hourly charge of the developers. The hourly charge of developers varies with different application development companies and mobile app development services. However, working with us, you can create your on-demand grocery delivery app at a considerable price. Believe us! The cost you are thinking about will be much bigger than what we will offer you. Contact us now to learn everything from our experts.