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How Mobile Apps Can Give A Winning Advantage To B2B E-Commerce

Vibha D | June 21, 2019
How Mobile Apps Can Give A Winning Advantage To B2B E-Commerce

B2B e-commerce has witnessed rapid growth over the past few years. It is a well- known fact that the domain is far more challenging as compared to conventional B2C selling. The complete setup is different as managing orders, customers, and inventory is more complex in B2B selling. Despite the challenges, sellers have come up with successful e-commerce stores by using Magento as the development platform. Magento 2, in particular, is empowered with a wide range of B2B-friendly features. But only investing in Magento development Service is not the final solution as you need much more than a smoothly running e-commerce store to make your business a success. In fact, it is practically impossible for e-commerce businesses to survive without having a mobile presence. Let us understand the significance of having a mobile app for your B2B e-commerce business.

Reasons That A Mobile App Is Essential For B2B Businesses

  • Offer high-end shopping experiences: As a majority of buyers, today prefer to shop through the mobile channel, being present there is a necessity. Here, you have a choice between a mobile-optimized website or a smart app. While the former offers an experience similar to one on a desktop, the latter is a far better option in terms of the experience that is dedicatedly created for mobile users. So B2B buyers give precedence to mobile apps as compared to responsive e-commerce stores.
  • Enable personalization: Another reason that more and more B2B merchants are opting for Mobile app development services is that they are able to use them to strengthen their core marketing strategies with personalization. B2B stores require the buyers to sign in every time they need to access their account while apps do it automatically with just a click. Additionally, apps enable personalized targeting with the help of push notifications feature.
  • Provide offline functionality: Mobile apps serve as an asset because they work even in the offline mode. This enables the buyers to research the products and order them when there are connectivity issues. The time-crunched B2B buyers can use them while traveling or from areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • Facilitate CRM: Businesses can strengthen their relationships with customers with the help of B2B apps. An app serves as a useful tool for the sales team so that they can access the information related to sales, invoices, and quotes. The entire information can be used to analyze customer behavior and buying patterns, which can be used to target them more effectively.

Features That Every B2B App Must Have

Now that enough has been said about the benefits of investing in B2B apps, there is a need to understand how it should be designed to create superlative customer experiences. An experienced Mobile app developer in Noida, India or abroad would recommend the following features as must-have for your B2B app:

Push Notifications: Push notifications serve the purpose of sending targeted messages to the customers. These could be reminders for orders in cart, sale or discount offers, or location-based messages.

Loyalty Programs: App users can be made a part of special loyalty programs that present special offers only to the members. These could include discount coupons and incentives for repeat customers.

In-app Invoicing and Payments: Another must-have feature for your B2B app is in-app invoicing and payment which enable the customers to shop as well as complete the payments from the app itself. You need to include a range of payment options that facilitate smooth and secure payments via mobile.

Live Chat: The Live Chat feature facilitates conversational commerce for the buyers so that they can get solutions to the queries or problems that may arise during the purchase process. The chat support could be provided through a human or a virtual support assistant.

One-click Reorder: Once the buyer signs up, the app should enable them to reorder with a single click. Additionally, it should also show their order history. This feature saves time and builds loyalty in the long run.


Before you proceed with the development if a B2B mobile app, you need to analyze your business and its requirements thoroughly. The best way to do this is to connect with a professional application development company that is capable of providing end-to-end services. They can ideate an app with the requisite features to fulfill all the requirements of your business. Following this, they can create a high-performance app to deliver unmatched customer experiences and drive business success.