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A Complete Guide to Mobile App Growth

Vibha D | July 27, 2019
A Complete Guide to Mobile App Growth

According to the study have created on the revenue that has been generated from the app stores, professionals shared their viewpoints and stated that by 2020, the figure for revenue would achieve approx $80.5 billion.

Play Store has more than 2.8 million applications and the iOS App Store has approx 2.2 million mobile applications. This huge thriving of applications portrays one thing without a doubt, the ‘competition’ in the market.

To survive fruitfully in the present competing market; you have to ensure that you don’t waste any important resource alongside valuable time. Here, I am going to tell you all about mobile application growth and development that help in the most productive result of this development procedure.


It’s obvious, it isn’t like that, a splendid idea comes into your mind and then you begin executing it! In actuality, you have to complete a great deal of research, a ton of market study, you have to ask yourself a ton of questions before continuing further with your brilliant idea.

You have to know why you should create this application, what the objective is, how it can help the users, how it is not the same as its competitors and all the more critically, how this application can assist you with enhancing your business prospects!

Mental Prototyping

Indeed, before the technical part comes in, there is a lot of mental work! How? So, write down everything on paper. At the pre-planning stage, you ought to have an idea of the whole development cost. In any case, at this stage, add everything that you are thinking, record it, keep a note. This documentation will assist you to understand different overhead costs.

You also may consult with an expert at this stage. The idea will be yours yet consulting a specialist implies you will get all the more dazzling, more dynamic, more flexible and attractive design that can help in your development stage.

Technical Part

You have to comprehend that the backend features and the design are totally different things yet they have to work in a synchronized manner. Most importantly, you cannot compromise with the quality. Nonetheless, settling on a choice on which platform to pick is somewhat confusing. Each platform has special functionalities and lots of advantages. In this way, contingent upon various angles, for example, accessible resources, abilities, target audience, highlights you need to incorporate into the application and so forth. Pick a mobile application development platform.

Prototype Building

A prototype will assist you with getting a general thought or a well-characterized review of the app you are creating. Clearly, you can’t get all the functionality and features in it however it will assist you with optimizing the design. You can undoubtedly recognize the provisos and make the fundamental changes from the earliest starting point that will save your development cost.

Designing and Development

It is constantly prudent to look for the guidance of expert mobile app developers in both stages. Cooperating with a settled mobile app development company will assist you with getting great insights into on the UI/UX that is significant for catching the users’ eye. The designing stage provides the visual directions alongside the blueprints that help to offer shape to the end-result.


This stage comes after the development part. It causes you to check the application features, environment, navigation, functionality, investigating and so forth. Both Beta testing and UAT testing are significant for furnishing your clients with noteworthy user experience.

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