Google’s January 2020 Core Update – “Broad Algorithm Update” First Update of the Year 2020

Vibha D | January 30, 2020
Google’s January 2020 Core Update – “Broad Algorithm Update” First Update of the Year 2020

13th January 2020 was the day when Google announced the roll-out of its first broad algorithm update marking the first update of the year 2020, called the January 2020 Core Update.  Like previous roll-outs, Google maintains its transparent communication policy for core updates. This global update has already being implemented in several Google data centers which were observed by experts for about three days. Soon after the tweet posted by Google about the January 2020 Core Update . As on 16th January, Google also announced and confirmed that the update was mostly done. 

Affected Sectors:

This January 2020 Core Update impacted the Health sector majorly as the highest gainer of SERP share, while another niche appears to be quite consistent. Websites such as phone number lookup sites have lost major shares in the SERP. This means that the quality of content matters which is serving the core audience. Whereas the sites which have lost the rankings are due to poor content and lack of proper information. 

The pattern followed by January 2020 Core Update appears to be a little different than previous core updates. There is a huge change in dictionary websites as well. It is clear that if you notice that your rankings are going down due to the update, then surely you have not violated any of Google’s webmaster guidelines. This drop-down of ranking is because of the January 2020 Core Update which is focusing more on improving the evaluation of the website and web page content.  Therefore, it is observed that some of the websites which were not performing better or were not getting fairly high ranking have now been ranking higher on the SERPs. Likewise, some of the website and web pages have gone down despite having good content owing to the changes brought out by January 2020 Core Update 

Google Recommendations and Guidelines:

Considering the January 2020 Core Update, the following are some of the suggestions that can be considered for keeping up in the SERPs.

  1. Content and Quality: It is not only important to have quality content. But also to have content that is not copied from anywhere and is free from plagiarism. This also includes that the title and meta description should appear attractive and is a reflection of the contents. Thus, uniqueness and freshness of content still top the chart. 
  2. Expertise: As much as the quality of the content is important. So is the correctness or to say the trustworthiness of the content. Besides, the content should be free from errors, i.e. errors of typing as well as of facts.
  3. Presentation and research: This refers to the importance of research and the in-depth knowledge of the topic.  Any content that is just prepared to get the maximum audience without any upright approach and lacks the authenticity will definitely get downvotes. As it is has been observed that some of the website owners have created web sites/web pages just for the purpose of generating ads and get mass appeal by clicks as well as views. Although the content is actually downgraded. Apart from that, the webmaster checks out if the pages load easily on all digital devices be it a laptop, mobile or tablet.
  4. Competition: Always consider the fact that content should have better quality. Plus value addition in the content as compared with that of the competitors. Also, the content made to feed the ads or the words is irrelevant. Rather, the content must be up to the mark of the viewer/user and should fulfill the expectations of the user. 

2020 Core Update

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