Google Core Updates: You Must to know Everything

Vibha D | November 26, 2019
Google Core Updates: You Must to know Everything

Google keeps updating its core algorithms, for better ranking and more useful quality search results. This is required to amend and improve the core search ranking algorithm. The algorithm means a set of logical rules for solving a problem and when we talk about changes in Google algorithm it means changes made to deliver the right results on searches made by users. Google core updates involve amendments in core search ranking algorithm to providing effective search results and appropriate ranking of websites and web pages. The purpose of these updates is to penalise the websites that were stuffing keywords on their website pages to get a higher rank, along with irrelevant content on the pages. This enables the user to get the relevant results on the search pages matching with the words criteria.

Thousands of updates are made by Google throughout the year, while some go unnoticed, others make headlines and significantly affect the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and organic traffic. The list of major algorithm updates rolled out by Google so far is as follows:

  • Panda
    Panda is the search algorithm update which was rolled out on 23rd February 2011 and is named after Google Engineer, Biswanath Panda. It aims to keep a check on the websites loaded with cheap quality and thin content having keywords stuffing or duplicate content. Panda filtered a massive collection of influential ‘’content farms’’ that were produced simply to stage a rank in the SERPs by satisfying search engines with loads of shallow articles without any relevant information or content. Panda penalised and spammed most of the dominating content farms and other similar websites that were designed only for the sake of running paid advertising through high traffic and earning revenues. Panda affected 12% of search results and has been rolled out several times since then with the latest being Panda 4.2 unleashed on 17th July 2015.

Recovering Action: To recover and prevent from ‘’Panda effect’’, it is imperative to have fresh and unique content that is free from keyword stuffing, duplicate or thin content. The web pages should have limited links as well as affiliate links or ads. Consulting any Web Development Agency Noida to include original images, testimonials, reviews, about us, history, privacy policy etc. in the websites will provide a higher ranking.

  • Penguin
    Google released Penguin update on 24th April 2014 that is a set of algorithm updates which aims to target manipulative and spam links on the websites. Penguin identifies and re-rank the links that are irrelevant or has over optimised anchor text, link scheme, keyword stuffing, unnatural links or trade links. The purpose of rolling Penguin update was to reduce black hat spamming techniques and initially around 3% search results was affected. The latest being Penguin 4.0 rolled out on 23rd September 2016
    Recovering Action: Some of the steps such disavowing, domain-based disavowing, removing links, link audit, monitoring backlinks and checking the quality of the link can help in recovery and prevention from being negatively hit by Penguin update. It is better to avoid over-building of links or following any black-hat technique. Keyword stuffing is a big sin. Utilising disavow tool for removing the links from the website can help in attaining a better rank with the help of Website Designing Company Noida.
  • Hummingbird
    Google rolled out Hummingbird update on 26th September 2013 that aimed to provide better search results to the users and emphasised on using long-tail keywords. Hummingbird update changed the way how the search engine operates and give the results and impacted around 90% of the searches around the world. Before this update, Google was unable to present niche results on the SERPs and just offered everything that matched the keywords irrespective of what the user desires. Hummingbird enhanced the search results and give more attention to semantic search i.e. meaningful search matching the keyword query of the user. However, Hummingbird update did not intend to penalise website as its focus is not on keywords but on improving the search results according to the user’s choice.

Recovering Action: Comprise content with related keywords and using long-tail keywords. An expert Web Development Company in Noida can create the perfect content keeping in mind the reader not the keywords. Synonyms and co-occurring works are beneficial for the content.

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon update was released on 24th July 2014 by Google with the purpose to emphasise on local searches i.e. provide results of local listing in search. The Pigeon update managed to establish ties between the local algorithm and core algorithm that enables the user to get results from their locality based on Google maps. For instance, when you look for restaurants or malls, Google display results that are located near to the user’s location.

Recovering Action: Since there is no penalty against this update, the user can enhance their ranking by listing yourself with business directories like Google+, Google Maps etc. Including location and contact information on the website along with the keywords will land a good ranking on the SERPs, that can be easily done through Web Development Agency Noida.

  • Fred
    This Google update was released on 8th March 2017 and impacted websites that are against the webmaster guidelines. Fred algorithm analyses the quality of the content at the website including blogs. It also checks if the website is produced to run ads and lacks the necessary content for the user. It affected 50% of the search pages with around 90% traffic drop in the websites with exclusive ad, thin or outdated content, poor quality backlinks, and useless content.
    Recovering Action: To increase ranking on the SERPs, maintain a limited number of ads on the website and limit the paid links. Website Designing Company Noida can provide quick-fix solution of deleting duplicate, irrelevant and old content and adding original and quality content.
  • EMD
    EMD stands for Exact Match Domain which is a Google algorithm that was rolled out on 27th September 2012. It was designed to outcast those websites that carry similar names as keywords or matches with the search query. These websites were created to drive heavy traffic and possess the low quality or thin content. EMD update was meant to find out such websites that had poor quality content but were gaining top ranks in the SERPs.

Recovering Action: Again, the good quality content is the solution if your website is hit with the EMD update. Conduct link profile audit, remove bad links if possible and add new links both internally as well as to authority sites. Share fresh and original content with limited keywords density through an expert Web Development Company in Noida.

  • Mobilegeddon
    Google rolled out mobile-friendly update also known as mobilegeddon on 21st April 2015. The aim of mobilegeddon update is to enable mobile-friendly pages to list on the higher rank in the SERPs while de-ranking those pages which were not able to load on smart-phones. Thus, those websites were hit badly that either upload slowly or did not upload on mobile phones at all. It affected search ranking displayed on mobile devices and excluded websites that were unable to load on mobile.

Recovering Action: Ensure that the website and webpages load quickly within seconds on the mobile phones and fit well within the screen size of the mobile. Take help from website designing company Noida to make your website more mobile-friendly i.e. easy to load on mobile devices.

  • RankBrain
    Considered the third most important ranking factor, RankBrain update was unleashed on 26th October 2015 and belongs to a part of the Hummingbird algorithm. RankBrain makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. RankBrain makes Google understand the meaning of the search queries to give relevant results to the user. RankBrain uses databases on people, place and things through machine learning algorithm and offers the best results by understanding the meaning of keywords or the search query. It affected websites with poor quality, thin content which does not include necessary content.
    Recovering Action: Optimising content that is meaningful is the key to recovering from the RankBrain. Keywords can be expanded instead of using one or two words as keywords a phrase or group of words is an ideal technique.
  • Possum
    Possum update was released on 1st September 2016 that is local search results algorithm. It aims to filter business websites having a similar address, or sharing the same addresses. This prevents one business listing to rank numerous times on the search results. Besides, Possum algorithm focus on removes the ranking of the business listing from the SERPs that are outside the local listing.

Recovering Action: To recover from the Possum algorithm hit, business units should avoid sharing addresses with other business. Expanding the keywords list will save a great deal. Include the name of the city in the address of your business listing. Let a good web development agency Noida perform a location-specific rank tracking and make your address as specific as possible.

Payday Loan
On 11th June 2013, Google rolled out Payday Loan algorithm that aimed to affect business associated with the high-interest loan, casinos, mortgage, insurance, etc. Several websites were hit in the U.S. to the tune of 0.3%.

Recovering Action: Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines along with white hat focused strategies. Avoid manipulating links and content instead, include meaningful and high-quality content for your business listing.

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