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E-commerce Website Development Platforms in 2021

Lokesh K | August 6, 2021
E-commerce Website Development Platforms in 2021

In the current times, the number of e-commerce websites all across the world has grown exponentially. Now, everything could be bought and sold online. However, this has taken the competition between companies beyond the product and its features. An online e-commerce company needs to make their websites, their online stores presentable and easy to use for better returns and increased consumer traction. Thus, the process begins at the first step, when the E-commerce website is designed.

E-commerce website development companies‘ primary objective is to provide the user with a good experience. Some of the areas their focus should be in are, simple and unique designs, customized experience, properly researched, and a self-service system.

The Top 5 Website Development Company In India

Big Commerce

Big Commerce enables a high level of customization and easy integration to sales channels. Some of the integrated sales channels include Facebook, google shopping, Amazon, and Instagram. The mobile application provides ample features to keep the customer interested and their experience smooth. The platform provides a 15-day free trial and a standard subscription for less than Rs.2500. However, one of the drawbacks of the platform included its complexity.


One of the popular e-commerce platforms in India, 7% of Indian businesses use Wix. Wix has simple editing features and a quick logo-making facility. The website could be subscribed with less than Rs. 2500. The website design platform also provides more than 100 templates to start with. Wix also enables quick adding to cart and shipping facilities. Wix has integration with Shipstation, making shipping seamless. However, Wix is much more suitable for small businesses than a multi-layered one.


Woocommerce lets people convert their WordPress pages into online stores for free. It provides additional features and better options like shopping carts as paid features. This feature of the platform helps in diverting the traffic to your products that come for content consumption. For businesses that are looking to integrate their domains and grow, WooCommerce is the right choice. The WordPress community is huge and that helps initially. Moreover, understanding WordPress is a fast process.


One of the highly used website development platforms across the world and India is Shopify. The platform offers a large number of templates to choose from and customize. The platform has a flexible payment feature, where startups can pay as they go. Shopify provides an SEO-compliant website design, making your jobs easier. The Platform provides an inbuilt invoice generator, making the calculation of bills easier. The mobile app provides ease of use. Shopify also enables easy marketing and selling across social media platforms.


Zepo was launched in 2011 in Mumbai. It is one of the website development companies in India that support local brands and small growing startups. Moreover, the pricing of the service is based on your requirements. Zepo is easy to use and economic for small businesses. Bluedart, FedEx, Delhivery, are some of the businesses that use Zepo.


Choosing the right e-commerce website designing company is necessary. The website is where a user is introduced to your product/service in detail. The user experience matters the most. Make the right choice, depending upon your requirements. Some more developing platforms include Squarespace, Prestashop, Yolkyart, Magento, and more.

E-commerce developing and designing companies are plenty, and everyone offers a set of features. Thus, it becomes mandatory to compare, critique, and choose wisely.