Custom Mobile App Development – Amazing Importance, Benefits And Latest Trends

Vibha D | October 21, 2019
Custom Mobile App Development – Amazing Importance, Benefits And Latest Trends

The advent of smartphones and tablets keeps us glued for hours daily with numerous mobile apps that keep notifications, alerts, and messages to explore. The popularity of these apps has found favoured by the business organization as well as the users. Undoubtedly, mobile apps complete most of the user’s tasks with the blink of an eye including arranging documents and worksheets, ordering groceries, online shopping, booking cabs, etc. Mobile App Development Services Noida gives an opportunity to business organisation to connect with the customers and expand the target market.

Mobile apps can be generic, which gives you insight information and are unable to distinguish between a visitor or customer. On the other hand, a custom mobile app identifies the potential customer and generate lead. The custom mobile app understands the needs and expectations. Thus, the features and functions of the mobile app are then streamlined to personalize and satisfy the user’s requirements. These apps are designed considering the user as well as maximizing the growth of the business by keeping customers engaged. Custom mobile apps are focused to streamline business and increase turnover, provided they are loaded with features such as communication framework, admin backend etc. as offered by PegaLogics being the best Mobile App Development Company in Noida.

Importance of Custom Mobile App
Small, medium or big, most of the business nowadays are prospering using the custom mobile app in the competitive world. To have a strong customer base and increase ROI, custom mobile app play a major role and prove to be important for business in the following manner:

  1. Visibility and enhance branding: The custom mobile app keeps the visibility of the business alive. Once the custom mobile app is downloaded, it will appear on the smartphone of the user. Thereafter, the customer will definitely check out the mobile app provided it is tailor-made up to the use and requirement of the user. The brand value increases when organizations make outstanding and interesting efforts to keep the customers engaged.
  2. Competitive edge: Since every business big or small has its own way of driving traffic. However, it is the ultimate competition in the market that forces every business to keep updated and develop a custom mobile app from effective Mobile App Development Agency Noida namely, Pegalogics. Apparently, an attractive, customized and interactive custom mobile app will draw more customers; whereas, in the absence of the mobile application, the organization will surely lose customers as well as business.
  3. Direct marketing link: The business organization can link with the customer directly using the custom mobile application. Besides, extending direct marketing and connecting with the customer, the custom app can inform about the latest updates and information about products and services to the customers. Consider the push notifications that pop up on the smartphone screen announcing big discounts on selected products; definitely the user will go through the custom mobile app.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Application
Custom mobile apps are partially or completely personalized to cater to a particular segment of customers. Mobile App Developer Noida – PegaLogics offers the best custom mobile app which provides the following benefits to the business.

  1. Enhance Efficiency: Business mobile apps are custom built as per the requirement of business to ease out procedures and perform several functions. A well developed, feature-loaded and structured mobile app can work better than various non-performing apps. The Mobile App Development Services Noida provides the necessary output required which enhances the performance of the business.
  2. Greater Scalability: Custom mobile apps can be easily scaled up whenever required, unlike the regular apps that fail to update or operate. The scalability of a custom mobile application depends on the expansion of business, scope of business or use of new technology. Managing current resources is important for the better performance of the custom mobile app.
  3. Security: On-premises storage or cloud storage, custom mobile application offers both depending upon the scale of your business. In any case, the custom mobile application prevents business from any risk by allocating data security system.
  4. Integrity with software: The custom mobile application does not require any unique, separate software application. Instead, it can run employing the current business software performing all the functions.
  5. Ease of Maintenance: With your own custom mobile application, you get access to control the application as per your choice. On the contrary, regular apps can be discontinued working anytime in case of any unfortunate event or when the owner stops the application.
  6. Better Customer relationship: Custom mobile applications provide customers access to goods and services offered by the company easily. Moreover, the company can announce any offer, sale, new product, etc. In turn, the customers also provide their valuable inputs by commenting, giving feedback and star ratings.
  7. Higher Productivity: Custom Mobile Apps ensures smooth running of functions as well as of business. Since, a single app performance various functions, it increases the efficiency of work and provides better productivity.
  8. Saves New Customer details: The details pertaining to the new customers can be obtained through custom mobile applications using forms, surveys, etc. It does not require documents in the form of printed papers for submission.
  9. Digital Records: The data, information or files can be preserved digitally at the custom mobile app.
    Developing a custom mobile app is not an easy task, it requires hard work along with timely delivery, efficiency, compatibility with mobile operators, proper battery life, attractive user interface and user experience (UI/UX), data synchronization and defined channel of communication.

Latest Trends of Custom Mobile App
A few latest trends of custom mobile apps are as hereunder:
Cloud-based apps: It can save a lot of data on Cloud instead of taking the storage space of the smartphone.
Internet of things (IoT): It has the ability to control various digital devices as well as home appliances through smartphones such as TV, AC, etc.
Payment gateways: It offers cashless, online payments against online stores and e-commerce marketplaces.
AI & ML : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning define an advanced approach to reach potential customers.
Block Chain Apps : It offers features such as push notifications, managing users on the app, and cloud storage.
VR and AR: Custom mobile app adaptable with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based

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