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Advantages of UX Research & Why Startups Are Scared to Invest In The Same

Lokesh K | September 28, 2021
Advantages of UX Research & Why Startups Are Scared to Invest In The Same


Have you ever admired why some products like Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, and the likes, came to be the goliath that they are? What is the confidential chunk that labored for them that somehow many others need? That forfeiting piece is no jinx. It took conception and a true understanding of decision along with exploration for enforcing that which is non-negotiable. How the top UI UX companies in India do gets benefitted these days?

The impression of a user-centered commodity is a focal point across a difference of enterprises today. Companies are inferring advantages in positioning their users at the onset of their design judgments. In an industry committed to the people who utilize our products, services, and applications, analysis is paramount.

Start-ups particularly have often been tight-strapped for wealth, and more often than not they shy away from capitalizing on a user study with the opinion that it’ll cost the large dollars. But, if truth be told, user research can recoup a bunch of time, money, and undertaking and give rise to the denomination nearer to accomplishment sooner. In this article, we’ll examine the numerous characteristics that participate in User research, why corporations don’t relinquish in it, why they should and how it can enable them a great contract.

What do people mean by UX Research?

In easy phrases, UX Research is researching and analyzing the target audience. Comprehending their behavioral habits, knowledge, dealings, and emotion towards your property and the mindset they come with when borrowing the product.

According to a current study, India discerns about 50,000 new start-ups per year. An average of 2-3 start-ups is assumed every day, and yet India sees only a 10% success ratio. While one may or may not be familiar with difficulties that direct to that, one thing start-ups can evaluate is the Users’ experience. If the user successfully utilizes the product, which improves the users’ life, generally, there will be an increase in the pressure for such products, hence earning it highly controversial that the commodity or brand will cease to function. So, if that’s the possibility, why do start-ups shy off from UX research? Or, what are the beliefs of UX Research that blur the senses of new entrepreneurs today? And how it results in further destruction than reasonable.

1. UX Research is outrageous

The widespread mindset is that Research is costly and time-consuming. Whereas, exploration and user survey is beneficial means of curtailing expenses. User experience design agency is boosted in recent years.

2. People have disbelief of knowing their customers

The training of establishing personas and strategies occasionally isn’t sufficient because no matter how much we realize we know our users, various characteristics influence the users daily that alter them. The way they interact with a commodity evolves along with their development. One cannot fully know their users without interviewing how they respond to the commodity in front of them with their numerous emotions and other components both interior and superficial. UX agency is reaching heights in several aspects.

3. Time-consuming

The majority of the people have an impression that research is time-consuming training. But, if a commodity is interviewed before it goes social, the duration and wealth you expend are far small than if you do it in the fortune. Users get a much more advanced product to interact with and that protects time, money & reputation. 

Understanding this situation and chancing to give rise to alter can largely assist the group.


On the whole, it is prudent to say that UX research, or UI UX design agency in India makes us comprehend our users adequately and thus this is one of the most essential strides that cannot be deducted. It furnishes understandings to be executed into the layout & knowledge making the structure meaningful and interesting.