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8 Tips and Tricks to Increase the Website Traffic

John Paul | January 19, 2021
8 Tips and Tricks to Increase the Website Traffic

Ask any web development company, what comes after the customers in the business list, the answer would be “Website Traffic”. There are many ways to increase web traffic. Let us delve into tips and tricks to increase the website traffic easier way to measure online by attracting an audience. Website traffic is an important indicator and driver of business growth. More target towards high commercial intent keywords is what digital marketing agency. They can evaluate commercial intent by looking at the number of people that advertise on a specific keyword in Google AdWords. It is a part of paid search strategies.

Organic Traffic– The user who automatically discovers your website through search results engine is known as organic traffic directly by SEO. SEO is to improve the rankings for various star quality traffic search engines such as Google, Bingo.

Focus on SEO

Focus on quality traffic that will bring customers to your website. It will create leads and then, in turn, will turn customers. Perform more tactics on the website page and increase the rank in the search engines and lead to more customers. Producing high-quality content on the website.

Social Media Advertising

The most popular method used by a website development company. Social media are the sponsored content type that appears on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other feeds. Twitter is ideal for short, snappy links whereas google + promotion to put up the site in personalized search results effective in B2B Niches.

Landing Page and target long-tail keywords

The landing page is another free way of pulling traffic towards your website. Pages such as Redeeming discount code, starting a new free trial, and downloading a free guide. Landing pages are very specific that targeted messaging and ultimately bring traffic to the pages and reach desired.

Longer tail keywords are easier to rank on search engines. They will give better chances to be on top of the search engines which gives more ranking on the websites. People use unique phrases to search online. Many free apps are available to find keywords to target.

Paid Traffic

Paid advertising on google ads is a great drive to bring people to your website who are seeking out to drive the services they provide. You need to pay for the website at the top of the search results with particular keywords.

Email Marketing

Another way of increase in traffic for web development company is through email marketing. This included sending regular newsletters and promotional offers which brings traffic to your website. Useful information and different links to the pages which are useful for the readers and put interesting taglines or Subject lines.

Sponsored Content

Type of Content which looks like an article on the website but it is a piece of marketing for a brand.


Retargeting ads appear on websites that are placed in front of the people who have visited the website and are quite likely to return.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the traffic that is registered when a user lands on a website after getting clicking a hyperlink on another website. Pay per Click is expensive, SEO is a time taking process.  In that case,  referral traffic comes to the rescue. Referral traffic is important as it drives other people into your website which has the same target group and the same recommendations.

  • Guest Posts –  Guest Posts are like the gold standard for generating referral traffic online. It gives authenticity to the service being offered. Such posts should be related to consumer behavior –replying to queries, explanations, and tutorials.

Art of Niche/ Royal Authority- Today being niche and recognized is an advantage. This is of great value. People will look for you in terms of looking for solutions.

Comment on other blogs – The idea is here to reach the audience on another website, deliver value, and become a credible source of information to others.