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5 Website Design Tips That Help You To Create Powerful Landing Pages

Vibha D | June 14, 2019
5 Website Design Tips That Help You To Create Powerful Landing Pages

Landing pages are such website pages that are created with a specific objective in mind. They make a perfect solution for sites that score high with traffic yet struggle with conversions. Unlike other web pages, these do not have navigational links that connect them with some other pages on the site; rather these are meant to drive specific actions from the users. E-commerce sites, for instance, leverage these landing pages to enhance conversions by providing rich information about the products they offer.

Since landing pages are so different from conventional pages, every website designing company in Noida will take a different approach while creating them. These pages need to be simple and comprehensive so that they have enough motivational appeal to compel the visitors to take adequate action. Here are some useful design tips that can help you to create powerful and result-oriented landing pages.

1. Start by creating a user persona

To begin with, you need to build a user persona with extensive research about the targeted customers, their demographics, interests, preferences, and expectations. The color, fonts, elements, and design layout- every single aspect of the design should be chosen to fit into the expectations of the users. Additionally, the landing page design should communicate the brand message to the customers.

2. Simplicity is the key

When it comes to landing pages, simplicity is the key to success as a page that is cluttered is an absolute turn off for the user who lands on the page for the first time. Have a fine balance between textual content and visual elements to engage the customers as well as give them enough information. Keep the language crisp, simple and conversational and bring in the storytelling perspective with appropriate usage of relevant imaging.

3. Have a professional page design

Besides compelling narrative and appealing visuals, a professional design is something that can make all the difference. While you have the option to use a free template, it may not get you a page that brings results. Rather, it is advisable to have a professional designer to create a page that has a design which creates a great impression on the user and presents your business as a reliable one. Hiring a professional designer can be a smart decision in this context.

4. Assure the visitors about security

While the look of your landing page matters to the users, their security does too. They will not be willing to share their personal and financial details as part of the conversion process unless they are absolutely convinced about security. The landing page should inform the visitors that the website is extra vigilant about ensuring the security of the visitors. Mentioning the company address, email, and contact number add to your reliability. Additionally, get the services of a professional web development company to do some actual work on the security front.

6. Use compelling CTAs

Call to action is perhaps the most critical element on the landing page because it actually fulfills the very purpose of the page. The CTA should be compelling enough to get an action from the visitor. It should be aesthetically designed and intuitively placed on the page. The choice of the right color, font, size, etc matters, while it is important that the CTA also conveys the brand message to the visitors.

Conclusion Integrating these tips into the landing page design can have a profound impact on the conversion rate of the business. Therefore, investing in the services of a professional designer is a small price to pay. At the same time, you will also need to avail digital marketing services to get the best results from your landing pages. A proper strategy is needed to get value from this investment and make it efficacious for your business.